One of the features of Stezza is the ability to play podcasts. In order to test it, I was forced to listen to a few, and I haven’t looked back.

Being into tech, there are a plethora of great podcasts out there that have grabbed my interest:

and of course, the most popular podcast, This American Life.

I find that listening to a podcast is great when commuting, doing chores around the house, and to wind down before bed (the more boring ones are great to get you nice and drowzy).

Being somewhat OCD I usually start with podcast number 1, which is always dated, but can be really interesting to hear predictions of the future, which is now the current. For example, listening to the guys on Accidental Tech Podcast predict the next Mac Pro, and realising that even the best in the biz can’t predict Apple.

For any developer, specifically remote based ones, it is a great way to listen to the thoughts and ideas of your peers and mentors, such as listening to the Vesper guys talk about how many times they iterate over a notes app. It can be validating of your own process, and enlightening on new ones.

So, if you are a human, and have read this far, why not comment below with your favourite podcast (need not be tech), and if you don’t have one, start listening!