So I just borrowed a fridge/freezer for an upcoming party, and thought I’d test out its beer-chilling abilities. I fired it up and placed a few beers in it, and left it for a day. When I returned, to my dismay, the beers were frozen, and some had popped their caps.

Turns out its more a freezer than a fridge. My bad.

So the question is, what can I do with the frozen beers now? I have asked the mighty googles, and the best answer I got was put them in the fridge so they thaw out real slow, and hope/pray that they are drinkable.

Other suggestions included make gravy, cook food in it, substitute the beer for water when cooking, and even use it as a hair gloss! (These suggestions assume the beer has returned to a liquid and the damage has been done – that is it now tastes weak as piss).

Moral of the story: don’t cry over frozen beer. (Although I wanted to).