Here are just a Few of the iOS Apps I have worked on:

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  5. Repeat Timer does not work. Once Watch or iPhone are in “display off mode”, the alarm does not work anymore. Commenting here first before rating in the App Store. Best Bernd

  6. Hi Ricardo,

    I was so excited when I found your app. I have tried almost all interval apps out there fir my Watch but all of them failed as soon as the Watch goes to sleep. I loved your simple interface but your app also failed as soon as the Watch goes to sleep. Also, the repeat doesn’t work accurately. I set it up for 30 seconds and 2 repeats but it starts counting the second repeats only when I wake up my watch. E.g. The Watch goes to sleep at 15 seconds and I leave it off for one minute and when I turn it on again, it shows on 29 seconds on the second cycle/repeat.

    Since I am experiencing the same issue with basically all the other interval apps, I was wondering if this is a limitation with WatchOS2. Any future plan to fix this in near future? Thanks!!!

  7. I also love the app. I have ADHD and need a reminder that time is passing. I am trying to find an app that will buzz at a preset cycle. With this app it counts down but I am not getting a notification that the time interval is done. The alert system on the phone seems quite random. Any suggestions?

  8. Bought the upgrade to repeat timer but it doesn’t stay unlocked. At first it’s unlocked and then on my watch it says locked and to unlock from phone. As soon as I hit DONE on the phone, it locks the main iPhone app. I then go to restore purchase and it unlocks again, but not on the watch. Accessing the watch causes the main app to lock again. I even uninstalled it from the watch, then unlocked the main app and installed the watch app, but the same problem occurred again.

    Any ideas. I’m slightly irritated now LOL.


  9. Hi Ricardo,

    I like your simple elegant app. it is one of the few ones with Apple watch haptic touch. I was wondering if it could be customized with different intervals. For example: 1 set for 15 seconds + 2 sets for 30 seconds for a total of 75 seconds etc..

  10. I love the repeat timer app. I just downloaded, and bought the pro version yesterday, for my stretching exercises. I am having a few issues:

    1. When I use my phone, I have it set to prevent screen locking, but the screen still locks.

    2. When my watch face is dark and my phone screen locks, I am neither getting notifications on my phone nor watch when the timer repeats. I checked all my settings, and everything seems to be correctly set.

    The watch is more important, as I plan on using the app most of the time on the watch.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Stu.

      Need help getting the timer to fire on your watch? This might help.


    • the Apple Watch is turned on
      you are wearing the Apple Watch
      the Apple Watch is unlocked
      Notifications are enabled in ‘Repeat Timer’ (Settings in Repeat Timer app)
      Notifications are enabled for ‘Repeat Timer’ in the ‘Watch’ app on your iPhone
      Your Watch is connected to the iPhone and in range
      Do not disturb mode is not active on your iPhone
    • To start the timer:

    • start the timer in the Repeat Timer app on your iPhone, or
      start the timer in the Repeat Timer app on your Apple Watch with the iPhone in range

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