About me

Okay, you asked, I’ll tell.

I’m born and bred in Adelaide, Australia. Like toddlers with iPhones these days, as soon as I got my grubby little mits on a computer as a youngster I was hooked. My parents were kind enough to buy me an Amiga 500, which was the bomb-diggity of computing in the 80’s (well, it was better than the Commodore 64).

Fast forward to 2011, the computer I am writing this on has 16,000x as much RAM, and cost less than the Amiga did (adjusted for inflation). Well Moore, you were kinda right, but its more an approximation than a law imho.

Anyway, what do I do for a crust? I write iOS apps full time for NextFaze. I am also one half of rectWare, and in my spare time I write apps for myself.