MEGA Post Mortem

So its finally over. Pitch pitched. MEGA 2012 complete. It feels reminiscent of school/uni when exams are over and the holidays are finally here.

For a little background, MEGA is a digital entrepreneurship masterclass where the challenge is to perform the best pitch and business proposal for a digital based idea. Over 20 weeks the competitors are taught and tutored in the art of pitching and startups, culminating in pitch day.

How did it go? Well, good I suppose. Only got positive feedback, but didn’t really expect any negative comments! No awards were won, but as NextFaze was a sponsor, it wouldn’t have been kosher. Zen said we would have won the award for funniest pitch – if it existed.

Feedback from the pitch panel (aka the dragons) was directed at lacking financials, and not showing a concrete product – we showed a screenshot of a Facebook page and a iPhone running Frappe, but not of the step in-between (the admin console). Overall, it was all constructive.

Big ups to Little Birdy for winning best pitch – well deserved, and also to City Sous Chef, for taking out the peer award – let the good times roll!

Thanks to Peta Pash for her always positive attitude throughout the course, and to David and Leila for their training and encouragement. Thanks also to Derek for getting us involved in this whole mess in the first place, and of course Andreas, for his unique style and polished sarcasm!


What to do with frozen beer

So I just borrowed a fridge/freezer for an upcoming party, and thought I’d test out its beer-chilling abilities. I fired it up and placed a few beers in it, and left it for a day. When I returned, to my dismay, the beers were frozen, and some had popped their caps.

Turns out its more a freezer than a fridge. My bad.

So the question is, what can I do with the frozen beers now? I have asked the mighty googles, and the best answer I got was put them in the fridge so they thaw out real slow, and hope/pray that they are drinkable.

Other suggestions included make gravy, cook food in it, substitute the beer for water when cooking, and even use it as a hair gloss! (These suggestions assume the beer has returned to a liquid and the damage has been done – that is it now tastes weak as piss).

Moral of the story: don’t cry over frozen beer. (Although I wanted to).

How to find a Facebook Page ID

So you visit a Facebook page, and you want to find out its ID – the unique number that represents the page in the Facebook database. How do you find it out?

Well, one simple way involves inspecting the profile picture’s link, like so:

The Simpsons Facebook Page

Right – Click the profile picture (in this case, Homer), and select Copy Link Address. Then paste it to a text editor and you will see it looks like:

The Facebook Page ID is the number after the last decimal point, in this case: 29534858696

Power users: skip the above steps and dive straight into the Facebook Graph Explorer.